What is Scuba diving without young successors?

There is nothing more beautiful than looking into children’s eyes after the dive and listening to the attempts to couch the just experienced things in terms.



Where shall my child die experience the important first step into diving pleasure?

Basically, it is a question of the parents’ trust in the diving center.
At our diving center in Safaga, children at the age of 8 years and over can try to make their first bubbles under water in child-oriented dives combined with lots of fun.
With their first diving course in junior format, they can begin already two years later (10 years and over).


Of course, at our diving kids’ disposal, special equipment is placed like for example 4, 6 and 8 liter tanks, child suits/BCDs and extra small mouth pieces for the rebreather… to count only some things.



A child never can be seen as a full-value buddy. A child should, above all, have fun and come clear only for himself under water.
Parents, diving instructors and dive centers always carry responsibility.

Therefore, it is in our option not to take children diving when we have concerns about their stage of development.