Our education follows the guidelines of PADI, SSI and SDI.

CMAS on request!




Important !!!

According to the guidelines of the diving organizations teaching material should NOT be given out anymore. Manuals must be purchased by the students or pre-recorded as selling property.


About 2 hours durance. A private introduction to scuba diving in the pool or the shallow water at the house reef for children of 8 years and over to convey the feeling of diving to them (see also 'Dive Kids').

Intro Dive

An introduction to diving means the introduction to the underwater world. All together, it lasts about 2 hours. It contains a short theory introduction and a first dive at the house reef with a diving instructor’s private guiding.


Short version (20 min UW):        35,- EUR

Normal version (50 min UW):   50,- EUR


Furthermore, there is the possibility of further dives from boat with a diving instructor’s private guiding.

Junior Open Water Diver (min. 10 years)

Basic introduction to theory and praxis for newcomers to gain diving experience, with video introduction, praxis exercises and theory lessons. 4 days durance with, all in all, 8 dives. All materials, taxes, insurances and certificate are inclusive. The certificate can be changed against “Open Water Diver“ at the age of 15. 


Price: 360,- EUR

Open Water Diver (min. 15 years)

Classified as the first level of “diving experience” and an internationally accepted diving certificate. This course contains a praxis and theory introduction with tools like book and video. Course durance is 4 days with 8 dives. All material, certificate, taxes and insurances are inclusive. The certificate has lifelong validity.


Price: 360,- EUR

Open Water Referal

Here, you have the possibility to start your OWD course all over the world and finish it within a year at our diving center. (This is possible after every unit of theory and diving. It makes sense to always finish a complete module of theory or shallow water). Durance and costs depend on the already finished course units.

Advanced Open Water Diver

This is an advanced course after the Open Water Diver. Training is done in theory and praxis during the normal dives from boat and lasts 2 days with 5 dives. Book, certificate and diving days are included. 


Price: 230,- EUR

EFR - First Aid Course

The course contains the main topic „first aid“, especially in diving, and lasts about 8 hours. Through video and theory introductions as well as practical exercises on the CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) dummy and all common oxygen respirators, you will learn the most fundamental basics. There are no dives on schedule! 


Price: 95,- EUR 

Rescue Diver

The course contains accident management, stress avoidance, rescue before, during and after the dive and will be mediated through video and theory introduction as well as rescue exercises by land and sea. The course lasts 2-3 days. Certificate, book and dives are included. 


Price: 320,- EUR


The dive master course is the first step into becoming an experienced diver, the entrance to the professional career of diving.
Video and theory education as well as praxis in dive planning, diving medicine, diving physics, diving rescue, participation in newcomer education (in theory and praxis) belong to the main focuses of the course. Certificate and material are included in the price. The equipment should be available. The dive master course is the precondition for an instructor education.


Price: 590,- EUR

Nitrox Course

Theory about the topic “utilization of higher oxygen rates in breathing gas“ is in the center of the course. The advantages and possibilities of diving with nitrox are much larger, because there is a much less absorption of nitrogen if existing dive profiles are observed. 


Price: 99,- EUR

Dive Specialities

At our center, you have many possibilities to develop your knowledge of diving. So, you can, for example, do a special education in wreck and night diving, UW photography, drift diving and deep diving. All these courses take place upon consultation. Material and certificate are included each time. The price is composed of the number of necessary dives and varies by course.