The Three P Romblon

Romblon disposes of one of the nicest and best country-protected harbours of the Philippines and is one of the main islands in the midst of the Sibuyan sea.
The town in the Green is known for his high-quality marble and owns some pretty buildings in the Spanish colonial style which provide immediately the feeling, welcome to his for the visitor.
The resort lies about 5 km away from the harbour, city centre. On a developed street, directly along the sea, our main base is to be reached comfortably.
Tip: For bag packers, island jumpers as well as independently travellers, we have a small office as a drop-in centre, directly in the harbour. 

The possibilities are "almost" unlimited!
Diving from the beach, from the boat  or maybe with the pickup truck/ bus? Only one dive, two or more?
No matter, we make it possible!

* "One-tank-dives" - by the boat several times daily to the Diving places in coastal nearness

* Fullday trips by boat with several dives. After the dive you get tasty food …  typical Philippine specialities

* By the jungle, with the pickup truck/ bus to different Diving places of the island.

* Always practicable the diving on the beach of the resort.
So, take a tank and  go dive!

* Early riser pay attention!
To the sunrise discover the underwater world.


* „Experience the nightlife!“
Night diving from the beach or from the boat.

* Introduction to scuba diving!
With a small theoretical briefing it goes with complete equipment into the water.


With certainty is present for EVERYBODY a little bit!!!
In arrangement with our guests and the Diving base we put together on the eve, in a comfortable round, the perfect diving day. Diving and days planning are depending on wind and weather conditions as well as low tide and high tide and the currents linked with it. 
With us, 10 complete equipments in different sizes are available for YOU.
- Regulators and BCDs by Scubapro
- Suits (3mm)
- Masks and snorkels of different manufacturers
- Swim fins from kids to XXL
- Diving lamps
- Diving computers
- Digital cameras
With smaller repairs and emergency operations , we help out with pleasure! 
Dry room
A well-aerated dry room is available to YOU to keep and dry the equipment into. 

Tanks and compressors
We have 20x12 litre-aluminium tanks as well as 4x15 litres for big lungs.
Our tanks have all DIN valves. Adaptors for your regulator with the connection INT exist enough.
Our tanks get filled with our 2 BAUER-compressors.An electronically steered and supervised filling pipe provides for a lot NITROX.


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